A DC Bar Is Offering a Free Tattoo and Beer for Life

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Last Call Bar celebrates National Dive Bar Day with shots and ink.

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Last Call Bar near Union Market. Photography by Gina Chersevani

Today is National Dive Bar Day, which is ironic because most “real dive bars”—and we can debate those merits all day—don’t have social media, let alone a publicist, to promote the “holiday” (which was started by Seagrams in 2018 as its own publicity campaign). BUT I DIGRESS. Today is National Dive Bar Day! And Union Market-adjacent Last Call Bar—which, for the record, does not call itself a dive, but pays tribute to dive bars with a dive-y atmosphere, billiards, and cheap drinks—is hosting an evening of boozy fun. Also: someone will walk away with a tattoo and free beer for life. 

Owner Gina Chersevani, who’s currently competing on a special summer tournament of Guy’s Grocery Games, teamed up with vegan-ink spot District Tattoo for the one-day promotion (you can read the small ink on how to win here). Long story short, the person who creates the biggest social media waves will get a free Last Call-inspired tattoo and is eligible for one free beer for life. In other words, build your brand with a brand! Something we’d be willing to participate in for free beer over, say, free chain pizza

If you’re not into tattoos but do enjoy that next-day-throbbing sensation, join Last Call tonight for a shotgun-a-beer contest or the shot-ski contest. Bartender Rachel Sergi will also pour Mind Erasers, Kamikazes, and Rumplemints through happy hour (7 to 9 PM) until the wee hours a.k.a. July 8 a.k.a. National Chocolate with Almonds Day. Time to step up with the free ink, Almond Joy. 

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