Best Background Check of 2023: Find Social Media Profiles, Criminal Records, and More

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With the best background check site, you can find out facts about someone that would otherwise remain hidden, ensuring you make the best decisions for personal safety and security.

But with so many sites claiming to offer the best background check services, how do you know which are the most reliable and trustworthy, considering the amount of deep fakes, catfish, and misleading information online?

Well, while the internet and social media may be full of rumors, fakes, and false reports, our detailed guide to the best background check sites isn’t. Read on to find honest, detailed reviews of the best online background check services, tips for choosing the right site for your needs, and advice from experts on using the information to keep yourself safe and secure.

4 Best Background Check Services

1. Truthfinder – Best Overall Background Check Service

2. Instant Checkmate – Most Responsive Customer Service

3. Intelius – Most Comprehensive Reports

4. Spokeo – Most Up-To-Date Records

Best Background Check Services Reviewed

1. Truthfinder – Best Overall Background Check Service


  • User-friendly search interface
  • Public records from multiple sources
  • Mobile app for on-the-go checks
  • Perform background checks on anyone


  • No one-off report ordering

Why We Chose This Background Check Site

Truthfinder’s user-friendly interface, extensive resources, and simple pricing plans make it the best background check site around. Whether you want to look up yourself or someone else, the site’s intuitive search functions on its desktop or mobile app ensure seamless access to public records including social media profiles, criminal history, and property records that can shed light on many aspects of someone’s life.

How To Use Truthfinder Background Check Service

Using Truthfinder is pretty simple, and all you need to do to get started is enter the name or location of the person you want to search for. Initially, Truthfinder will provide you with a list of potential matches based on name, age, and general location. Once you’ve narrowed the results to the right person, you request a detailed report with more comprehensive information.

At various stages, while the comprehensive report is being generated, you’ll need to click through to answer a few questions for security and verification purposes. Once all these steps are complete, you can review the full report, which is usually ready within 3 to 7 minutes of the process starting.

You must sign up for Truthfinder’s cancel-anytime subscription membership to view the full report. These plans are available monthly or bi-monthly and ensure you can access any and all reports generated an unlimited amount of times.

Truthfinder Background Check Service Benefits

The benefits of using Truthfinder include unlimited report generation – a significant plus for those that need to conduct many checks – as well as the fact that you’ll have access to a wide range of public records, including criminal records and court records, address history, social media profiles, arrest records, and more.

Furthermore, Truthfinder makes it easy to keep your online identity safe by providing clear steps to remove yourself from the site and other background check services that may store your public information. Additionally, for a small fee, you can opt-in for dark web monitoring that keeps you aware of any suspicious activity involving your personal information.


  • Order Options: Monthly or Bi-Monthly
  • Search Time: Three to seven minutes
  • Report Format: Electronic & PDF
  • Additional Add-Ons: Dark Web Monitoring

2. Instant Checkmate – Most Responsive Customer Service


  • Multiple channels for customer support
  • Detailed background check reports
  • Millions of searches performed
  • Hassle-free cancelation policy


  • Search time may be longer compared to other sites on this list

Why We Chose This Background Check Site

This best background check site has multiple channels for contacting their customer services team, from real-time online chat to email and phone support, allowing you to get help when you need it when protecting yourself or searching for someone online.

How To Use Instant Checkmate Background Check Service

The site features a single-bar search interface requiring a name, state, or city to start. The initial information retrieved from these data points will provide you with a list of potential matches, and you can then select the correct person to generate a full report. To help you narrow down the search results to the right match, initial free background check reports will provide name, age, and potential associates.

Once the full report generation is started, this best background check site will ask you to confirm details to help filter the billions of public records in its database. 

Before you are granted full access to the report, you must commit to a bi-monthly or monthly membership program. This program gives you the full range of information available in Instant Checkmate’s background search, allows for unlimited background check services, and can be canceled anytime with the responsive customer service team or online.

Instant Checkmate Background Check Benefits

The big plus of using Instant Checkmate is its customer service team. With multiple channels for finding help or asking questions about the background check process, Instant Checkmate ensures you always have someone to turn to with any issue.

Aside from the customer service team, educational resources are available on the site that can help you better understand background checks and your rights when conducting them. This can be crucial for those who find unsavory information like criminal records or court records that suggest a serious criminal history and aren’t sure what to do next.

And like many of the best background check services, Instant Checkmate offers additional identity protections for data privacy rights, selling personal information, and dark web monitoring.


  • Order Options: Monthly or Bi-Monthly
  • Search Time: Varies (Up to 10 minutes)
  • Report Format: Online report or PDF
  • Additional Add-ons: Dark web monitoring & alerts

3. Intelius – Most Comprehensive Reports


  • Comprehensive search options & packages
  • Detailed, easy-to-read report format
  • Multiple search parameters
  • AI-powered background check 


  • Must manually unsubscribe from some site features

Why We Chose This Background Check Service

Intelius is an excellent choice for those looking for comprehensive background check reports. The site has several search options, including people searches by name or address, and various packages to get results quickly and accurately. Plus, with their billions of public records, no stone is left unturned when discovering more about your friends, family, social media contacts or a new potential online date.

How To Use Intelius Background Check Service

The multiple search parameters of Intelius make finding the right person and generating reports simple. Start by entering a name, phone number, or physical address to begin, and be sure to check all the boxes verifying that you understand the Terms & Conditions of the site.

Once you’ve entered this information, the AI-powered technologies of Intelius will start filtering through its database to find the right person. The search results page will provide a list of potential matches based on your parameters, and you can select the correct individual to generate the full report.

The paid comprehensive background check report from Intelius is sorted by categories, making it easier to digest and understand. Information includes court, property, social media, education, death, birth, address, and criminal records, with some reports including known aliases and family members when available. 

Intelius Background Check Service Benefits

The most significant benefit to using Intelius is its comprehensive search options and detailed, easy-to-read report format, making it easier to understand what type of information could be linked to any individual. This detailed information proves vital in helping to better understand the people in your life or potential dates, revealing everything from prior criminal records to social media profiles.

This background check company also offers a robust suite of additional services and support, including identity protection, monitoring, alerts, and more. You can opt-in for these advanced features by purchasing one of their background check package plans.


  • Order Options: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, 7-day trial
  • Search Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Report Format: Online report or PDF
  • Additional Add-ons: Identity protection & dark web alerts

4. Spokeo – Most Up-To-Date Records


  • Featured in leading media publications
  • Regular updates to the background check database
  • Search by email, name, phone, or address
  • Full transparent business practices


  • Subscription must be canceled online to take effect

Why We Chose This Background Check Service

Spokeo’s frequent, scheduled updates to its public records database mean you always have the most relevant information on someone – without having to keep performing new searches. With features like search by email, name, phone number, or address, you can quickly locate exactly who you are looking for and guarantee the accuracy of any results.

How To Use Spokeo Background Check Service

Start your search by entering the full name, email address, phone number, or physical address of the person you are searching for. Once you have entered any and all of the info you have for the person you want to perform an online background check for, the search results will show you a list of potential matches. Select the correct individual to generate the full report.

The full report will be accessible once you’ve paid a one-time report or created a monthly membership with the site. Paid background check reports will include information like criminal records and criminal history, relationships, liens, or bankruptcies that have been publicly reported. It also includes if the person has ever been sued or filed for bankruptcy and will include a list of known aliases they may be or have been using.

Spokeo Background Check Service Benefits

Regular updates to their public records database make it easy to check back often and verify that things with the person always match up with what is on their report. This means less time running reports and more time keeping your family and friends safe.

Additionally, Spokeo’s unique layout ensures you always have the most relevant information at your fingertips. With easy-to-read and well-organized cards detailing addresses, criminal records, education achievements, and more in semi-real time, you can be sure to always have the full picture when it comes to someone’s background check – faster than with other less reputable background check services.


  • Order Options: Monthly, Bi-Monthly
  • Search Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Report Format: Online Report or PDF
  • Additional Add-ons: None

How We Picked the Best Background Check Services

Our first priority was to select background check services fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means that all the selected services are accurate and secure in terms of data privacy and adherence to consumer protection laws.

We then considered the public database scope and size of each background check service, only including those with proven access to billions of public records from a wide variety of reliable sources including criminal background checks, property information, social media profiles, and more.

Finally, we paid special attention to user experience regarding search functionality, ease of use, report layout, and additional features like identity protection or dark web monitoring. These features ensure you get the most complete and accurate information on any person, as well as the peace of mind that comes with added security measures.

How To Choose the Best Background Check Site for Your Needs

While the term “background check” invokes the idea of wide-reaching data that covers everything from criminal background checks to employment history, the truth is that some background check sites may be better suited to your needs than others.

What search information do you already have?

Since all background check services start with a search, the type of info you have to go on will be the most important factor in choosing the right service. The best background check services should offer multiple search parameters, including name, email address, phone number, or physical address.

With that information, you should be able to narrow down the potential matches based on additional info provided in the initial free background check report. Many of these free background check search services include age, location, and even known relatives to help you identify the right person.

What kind of data are you looking for?

All background check services will provide basic information such as address history, aliases, criminal records, property records, etc. But the best background check sites will organize that information into package-specific options that let you customize the level of detail you receive.

For example, if you’re looking to run a background check on a phone number over a person, then you’ll need a site with a paid or free reverse phone lookup search feature. With these types of searches, you’ll get detailed background info on the owner of the phone number, including their current and past addresses.

What kind of extras do you need?

The best background check services offer additional features to complement their core search capabilities. Popular add-ons include identity protection (monitoring your name, SSN, and birthdate for suspicious activity) or dark web monitoring (searching for leaked information related to your name or email).

These features help give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to protect yourself from identity theft. They also provide the most comprehensive view of an individual’s digital footprint, giving you a better picture of who they are and what potential risks may be associated with them.

What is the purpose of the search?

If you are running a background check on yourself to track and control what information is publically available online, then you’ll need a site that makes opting out of public records easy and lets you set up permanent monitoring.

On the other hand, if you are running a background check on someone else, any of the best background check sites above will do, but you may need one specific to your search’s purpose. 

For example, if you are simply verifying that a social media contact who wants to meet in real life lives where they say they live, then a site that offers the best reverse phone lookup searches, may be most helpful.

What Is a Background Check Site?

A background check site is an online platform to request information about the past and present of a person, address, phone number, or email. These sites exist to streamline a search process that could take months or years to do manually.

The best background check sites organize billions of records from every corner of the web – from public records such as court documents and criminal history to proprietary databases – and provide the information in an easy-to-read and understandable format. This means that anyone can find out all they need to know about someone in a matter of minutes.

Unlike a professionally run background check service, consumer background check services are limited in their application due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but offer comprehensive search capabilities and detailed reports. 

There are a lot of reasons to use a background check site as a private citizen, with the top reasons including:

  • To verify the identity of someone you met through social media, online dating or even in-person
  • To see if someone has the same address as they did when you knew them
  • To see who owns a number that’s been calling or texting you
  • To find a long-lost friend or loved one
  • To track and control publicly available information about yourself
  • To get info from social media profiles and arrest or criminal records for people of interest to you

While these reasons may seem trivial, background check sites that adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act standards are a valuable and important tool when used responsibly. They provide an easy way to learn more about someone and make sure that they aren’t hiding anything nefarious behind their public persona.

Most Common Types of Background Checks

Our guide touched on the benefit of a reverse phone lookup background check service, but what about other types of background checks? Background checks are an extensive and expansive topic, and each type of background check will provide different levels of detail about a person’s past.

Criminal Record Searches

Many aspects of civil and criminal court proceedings are part of the public record, meaning anyone can search for past criminal records. By being aware of a person’s criminal history, you can get an idea of their character and decide if they have the trustworthiness to be a part of your life.

On the flip side, criminal background checks allow you to find out if there are outstanding warrants in your name, verify expungement or sealing of your criminal history, and find out if the details of your criminal history are being reported accurately.

Address & Property Records

Want to check the history of a house or apartment you’re interested in renting or buying? A background check service can provide a report that includes past owners, taxes owed on the property, and information about any liens attached to it.

For buyers these comprehensive background checks can also help you verify the identity of a person selling a property, uncover any hidden liabilities with the house or apartment, and even provide insight into whether a realtor selling is licensed and in good standing with the state or has a criminal history.

Family & Relative People Finder

Background checks can be a great way to learn more about your own family tree or the current whereabouts of distant relatives. You can do simple reverse phone lookups to see if the last contact number you have is still correct, or you can search for marriage records, deaths in the family, and even find out if a relative is living in another state or country.

These personal background checks may also provide information on long-lost family, out-of-touch friends, and lost loves. With the ability to track down past acquaintances or family, the best background check sites can be an excellent tool for healing and reconciliation.

What Can’t You Use A Background Check Site For?

We’ve covered many excellent reasons to utilize different background check sites for different purposes. But, before using any of the best background check services above, it is important to know that they have their limits, especially when it comes to complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Employment Screening

None of the best background check services above can be used to approve or deny a job applicant. Doing so is illegal and can lead to legal action. The best option for employers is to use an accredited online background check service that follows federal laws on employee screening.

Tenant Screening

Similar to employment screening, landlords cannot use any of the best background check sites for tenant screening. Federal law requires landlords to go through an accredited online tenant-screening service that provides accurate and up-to-date information.

Financial or Credit Checks

Background check services are not able to access credit reports or provide detailed financial data about someone’s history. To run a credit report, you must use a credit reporting agency such as Equifax or Experian. Additionally, as part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, lenders may not use background check services to obtain information about creditworthiness.


It can be fun to run background checks on celebrities and public figures to uncover their past, look at criminal records with mugshots, or find their social media profiles. However, it is against the law to use background checks for harassment or voyeurism.

It’s important to remember that background check sites are meant to provide peace of mind and not be used as a tool for stalking or intimidation. If the information obtained from a background check service is misused, the person responsible may face severe consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all the best background check sites use subscription memberships?

Most of the best background check sites do. A subscription membership allows you to run unlimited reports on people and the information you find in the reports. So if the background check company returns a bunch of addresses you want to know more about, you can easily run an additional search without having to complete the checkout process again. 

Some sites offer pay-per-report options, but it is only good to use that when you know exactly what you want to search for and have all the necessary information to ensure you don’t waste time sifting through thousands of potential matches.

2. What social media info can I get on the best background check sites?

Most of the best background check services offer access to the majority of social media accounts associated with a person, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Some sites may also offer access to friends and followers lists too. 

It’s important to remember that not all background check services provide full access to social media information, so you should read their service carefully before signing up.

3. Will the best background check services show me employment history?

No. Most background check sites will not show detailed employment history, such as salary or job titles. However, they may provide employment history information about current and former employers via social media sources like LinkedIn. Additionally, a background check service may return information about a person’s educational background, professional certifications, military service record, and other relevant information.

4. Do background check sites offer free services?

The best background check services will provide limited information at no cost. This information usually includes basic contact data such as a person’s name, city, state, and possible family members. This information is only to verify that you are on the right track, and if you need more detailed information, you may have to pay for an upgraded subscription that can be canceled at any time.

5. How do I hide my info from the best background check services?

If you don’t want your social media, contact information, or other personal information to be available on the best background check services, you can opt out of public records databases by contacting the office in charge of releasing that data. 

Additionally, you can block or hide certain social media accounts and remove any potentially sensitive information from them. Lastly, you can contact each background check company directly to find out how they are handling your personal information and if there is anything else you can do.

Start Your Search for Anyone You Do or Don’t Know

Whether it’s criminal records, social media, employment history, or anything else publicly available – the best background check sites have everything you need to better understand who someone is or what information is available about you to strangers. 

Use any of the best background check sites above and guarantee fast, accurate, and up-to-date results using any search parameters you may have. With unlimited searches and convenient membership pricing, these sites will have you covered for all your background check needs.

Summary of the Best Background Check Services

1. Truthfinder – Best Overall Background Check Service

2. Instant Checkmate – Most Responsive Customer Service

3. Intelius – Most Comprehensive Reports

4. Spokeo – Most Up-To-Date Records

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