Best CBD Oil for Dogs in 2023: The Top Brands for Managing Anxiety, Pain and More

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CBD is taking the nation by storm, and it’s not just for people, our furry companions can benefit from this natural remedy extracted from hemp flowers too! Pet owners have discovered that CBD oil can be a powerful tool in managing nerve pain, seizures, anxiety, and stress-related behaviors in dogs, all while posing minimal risk of side effects.

If you’ve been thinking of giving your dog CBD, it’s important to shop wisely. The best CBD oil for dogs comes from reputable companies that source their ingredients carefully, commit to lab testing, and share plenty of details on their product labels.

We know that finding great CBD oils can be time-consuming, and we’re here to help. With some input from our canine companions, we searched for the best CBD oil for dogs. And we have to say: we discovered five truly stand-out products.

Top 5 Best CBD Oils for Dogs

  1. Best Overall: Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture
  2. Best for Stress and Anxiety: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil
  3. Best Vegan Option: CBDfx Pet Tincture
  4. Best for Allergy-Prone Dogs: Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture
  5. Best for Arthritis: Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil

As any dog owner knows, every pup is unique and has its own specific needs. Some may require extra help to stay calm, while others may prefer strong or mild-flavored oils.

Recognizing these individual differences, we have handpicked a variety of the best CBD oils for dogs on the market, catering to the diverse needs of our furry companions. Our pick for Best Overall is a truly exceptional dog CBD oil, but each of the category winners has something special to offer, too.

1. Best Overall: Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture

batch cbd

Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture is among the best CBD oils for providing comprehensive support to our canine companions. Its powerful blend of CBD and other anti-inflammatory oils promotes relaxation and relief from pain. Additionally, this dog CBD oil comes in two irresistible flavors, bacon and salmon, sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters.

Salmon oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help reduce inflammation throughout the body. This CBD pet oil features MCT oil as a carrier oil, making it easy on the stomach.

For added peace of mind, the CBD is extracted from Wisconsin-grown, non-GMO hemp, and the final product is tested in a lab to ensure it’s free from potential contaminants.

Reviewers report seeing a significant improvement in their dogs’ comfort levels after giving them this pet CBD oil tincture. Arthritic dogs become more active again. Dogs with respiratory diseases and allergies tend to cough less, likely due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. We also saw reviews praising the relaxing qualities of this dog CBD oil.

About Batch:

We appreciate the scientific approach Batch takes in creating high quality CBD oil for dogs. The owners have a background in manufacturing and have created their own small-batch extraction methods to ensure their CBD is as pure and potent as possible. They were one of the first hemp companies in Wisconsin, and they use local ingredients whenever possible.


  • Formulated with tummy-friendly MCT oil
  • Potent 750 mg CBD formula
  • Two delicious flavors: Bacon and Salmon
  • Lab tested for purity and potency
  • Handcrafted in small batches using top extraction methods


  • Difficult to measure smaller doses


  • Batch CBD Oil Tincture comes in a 30 mL bottle containing 750 mg CBD.
  • Choose between Bacon and Salmon flavors.
  • The company recommends administering 3 – 5 mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.
  • Every bottle of CBD oil is backed by a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

Check out this CBD oil for dogs at

2. Best for Stress and Anxiety: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil

penelopes bloom cbd

Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil is the premier choice for addressing stress and anxiety in dogs. Its potent full-spectrum CBD oil works to promote a sense of tranquility by interacting with the nervous system. Another key ingredient in this product is chamomile oil, renowned for its soothing, stress-relieving effects.

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for dogs has four strengths, making it easy to administer the perfect dose to ease your pet’s worries. The main carrier oil is easily digestible MCT oil which is great for nervous tummies. The included dropper is easy to use and holds 1 mL of product.

Reviewers find this one of the best CBD oils to manage dogs’ separation anxiety. Some use it before vet visits to keep their pups calm during exams. We also read reviews from customers who give their dogs this CBD oil for dogs before introducing a new pet to the household, before grooming visits, when fireworks go off, or before long car rides. It is reportedly effective in calming stress-related behaviors, such as excessive itching, barking and chewing.

About Penelope’s Bloom:

Penelope’s Bloom uses human-quality ingredients in all of their CDB oil for dogs. You can review lab reports for all their CBD oil tinctures on their website. Their pet products are verified to be free from metals, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants. The company is named after the owner’s dog, Penelope, who inspired their first CBD oils.


  • Uses full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Contains chamomile oil for enhanced calming effects
  • Comes in four strengths
  • Formulated with tummy-friendly MCT oil
  • Made with human-quality ingredients


  • Strong hemp scent and flavor


  • Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil comes in a 30 mL bottle.
  • It’s available in four strengths: Small (250 mg), Medium (500 mg), Large (750 mg), and Extra Large (1000 mg.)
  • The company recommends giving your dog 1 dropper per day of the formula most appropriate for their size.

Check out this CBD oil for dogs at

3. Best Vegan Option: CBDfx Pet Tincture

cbdfx oil

Although it is vegan, CBDfx has made this CBD oil for dogs taste like real bacon, which appeals even to the pickiest of pets. Made with human-grade ingredients, this broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil can help with everything from arthritis to anxiety and allergies.

CBDfx Pet Tincture is sold in four strengths for dogs of various sizes. It has been medically reviewed by a veterinarian and is certified cruelty-free. This is a product you can feel good about from both a quality and an ethical standpoint.

Some customers use this product daily to keep their older dogs more mobile and active. They report that their dogs are happier playing fetch and climbing stairs after being given this CBD pet oil. We also saw positive reviews from customers who use it for calming purposes. Even picky dogs are happy to lap it right out of the dropper.

About CBDfx:

With offices in California, CBDfx is a leader in the CBD industry, making products for humans and their pets. They work closely with independent labs to ensure their CBD oils are pure and potent, and they share lab reports publicly. CBDfx uses clean CO2 extraction methods, enhancing their products’ purity.


  • Vegan, Cruelty-free formula
  • Delicious bacon flavor
  • Comes in four strengths
  • Made with THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Medically reviewed by a veterinarian


  • Bacon scent is off-putting to some pet owners


  • CBDfx Pet Tincture is made in four strengths: Small Breeds (250 mg), Medium Breeds (500 mg), Large Breeds (1000 mg) and Extra Strength (2000 mg).
  • All formulas come in a 1-ounce bottle.
  • The company recommends giving a half dropper of oil, once in the morning and again at night.

Check out this CBD oil for dogs at

4. Best for Allergy-Prone Dogs: Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture

honestpaws oils

If you’re considering using high quality CBD oil to alleviate your dog’s allergy symptoms, we recommend Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture as the best option. This product stood out as the top choice in the Best for Allergy-Prone Dogs category for several reasons. Firstly, it features a minimal ingredient list, consisting of only full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and organic MCT oil, which minimizes the chance of exposing your furry companion to any potential allergens.

Secondly, this full-spectrum CBD formula includes beneficial hemp terpenes that may enhance its anti-inflammatory properties. This can lead to decreased itchiness, redness, coughing and sneezing, resulting in a more comfortable and happy pet.

Honest Paws CBD oil is made with non-GMO, organic ingredients. Its flavor is quite mild, and most dogs are happy to eat it in their food.

Reviewers report that this organic CBD oil helps ease their dogs’ seasonal allergy symptoms. Some give it year-round to combat reactions to indoor allergens, such as mold and dust mites. Customers also find this oil helps manage other inflammatory conditions, like arthritis and asthma.

About Honest Paws:

Honest Paws wants to make it easier for pet owners to find safe, affordable CBD oils. They buy their ingredients from reputable suppliers and stand behind their CBD oils with a 30-day guarantee.


  • Made with full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Mild flavor
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Comes in four strengths


  • No formula specifically for very large dogs


  • Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture contains organic CBD oil.
  • It comes in a 1-ounce dropper bottle.
  • The company makes four strengths: a 125 mg formula for dogs under 25 pounds, a 250 mg formula for dogs 25 – 50 pounds, a 500 mg formula for dogs 50 – 70 pounds, and a 1000 mg formula for dogs 75+ pounds.

Check out this CBD oil for dogs at

5. Best for Arthritis: Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil

green roads oils

One of the most common reasons people give their dogs CBD is to ease arthritis symptoms and increase mobility. While many CBD oils provide excellent arthritis pain relief, Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil is our top pick in this category. This CBD pet oil’s formula is designed by pharmacists and contains both hemp seed oil and MCT oil. Hemp seed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful for easing inflammation in the joints. MCT oil makes this formula easier on the stomach.

Thanks to its simple, clean formula, Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil contains everything your dog needs for arthritis relief and nothing it doesn’t. It’s free from all artificial flavors and colors, making it a smart choice for older dogs with food sensitivities.

Pet owners often see an improvement in symptoms with just one CBD hemp seed oil dose. However, many find their dogs get even greater relief after a week or two of continued use. Reviewers say their dogs are happier to take walks, visit the dog park, or fetch balls when given Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil.

About Green Roads:

Green Roads is a community-focused CBD company. Before they entered the pet CBD market, they made CBD oils for humans. They took the time to hone their craft. Their CBD oils are expertly formulated by pharmacists for maximum effectiveness and are strictly lab-tested.


  • Formulated with hemp seed oil for added omega-3s
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors
  • Comes in three potencies
  • Pharmacist-designed formula


  • Excessive packaging; bottle comes in a cardboard box


  • Green Roads Pet Hemp Oil comes in a 1-ounce bottle.
  • Choose between three strengths: 2 mg/mL for cats and small dogs, 7 mg/mL for medium dogs, and 20 mg/mL for large dogs.

Check out this CBD for dogs at

How Did We Choose Our Winners?

To create this list of the best CBD oil tinctures for dogs, we wanted to make sure we were giving you only the safest and most effective options out there. We carefully evaluated various products, focusing on important factors like ingredients, customer feedback, lab testing standards and the companies’ reputations. We also went the extra mile by testing the products to ensure they meet your pet’s needs.

Lab Testing

We looked for dog CBD oil that had been tested in an independent lab. There are two types of testing we looked for. First, we wanted to see that the product had been tested to verify its potency. In other words, does it contain the amount of CBD the label claims? Second, we looked for test results showing the product’s purity. This demonstrates that the oil is free from contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides.

Healthy Formula

We looked carefully at how the product was formulated and only considered products that were made with top-notch, human-grade ingredients. Products that used organic and vegan ingredients were given priority. Every CBD oil for dogs you see here is fully transparent when it comes to ingredients, and you can be sure that they are safe for your furry friend.

Awesome Reviews

We read a lot of reviews when compiling this list. The dog CBD oils featured here are beloved by customers. We chose products that reviewers not only found beneficial and effective but also ones that dogs seemed to enjoy and eat willingly.

Company Reputation and Policies

The best CBD companies put their customers’ needs first. You’ll see that these companies offer money-back guarantees and share very detailed descriptions of their products. Most of them are also involved in hemp regulation or activism, and they have great customer service.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

When selecting the best CBD oil for dogs, it’s important to consider your pet’s individual needs and the results you hope to accomplish. To make the best choice, here are some key elements to keep in mind:

Type of CBD

There are three different types of CBD that can be used in CBD oil for dogs: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The best CBD oil for dogs typically contains either full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD plus any other cannabinoids from hemp, which may include trace amounts of THC. These other cannabinoids work in conjunction with CBD to maximize its effects.

Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs tends to be very effective, but it also has a strong hemp scent that turns some dogs off.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains other cannabinoids from hemp, except for THC — which has been removed. Dogs are very sensitive to THC, so broad-spectrum CBD oil can be a wise choice. Your dog still gets to enjoy the enhanced effects of other cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN.

CBD isolate is just pure, plain CBD that has been refined to contain no other cannabinoids. It is a good choice for dogs who are really sensitive to CBD, those who get drowsy when given broad or full-spectrum CBD, and dogs who won’t eat a product that tastes too much like hemp. CBD isolate has a much milder hemp flavor than full-spectrum CBD oil.


CBD oil for dogs comes in many strengths. Generally, the larger your dog, the stronger the oil should be. This makes it easier to administer the proper dose to your dog.

For example, when dosing a chihuahua, you might want a dog CBD oil that contains only 2 mg CBD per mL so that you can give your dog a 1 mg dose in ½ mL of oil. When dosing a Great Dane, on the other hand, you may want an oil that contains 20 mg CBD per mL so you don’t have to give them a huge volume of oil.

Most CBD companies make their oils in several strengths. The label should tell you which dog size or weight each oil is recommended for.

Lab Results

You should only buy lab-tested CBD oil for dogs. Check to ensure the testing is completed in an independent laboratory to eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Reputable companies share lab reports for their CBD oil on their website, so they should not be difficult to find. Check these lab reports before buying CBD oil for dogs.

You want to see two types of lab reports. The first should report the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids in the product. Make sure the lab-reported concentration is the same as the one listed on the bottle.

The second set of reports should show that the product has been tested for purity. You want to see that it is free from contaminants like pesticides, lead, and mercury. Since continuous use of CBD can lead to the accumulation of these contaminants over time, it’s imperative to ensure that the CBD oils you choose for your dog are free from them.

Other Ingredients

In its simplest form, CBD oil for dogs consists of hemp extract and carrier oil. Some CBD oil for dogs is made with MCT oil as a carrier oil. MCT oil is easy on the digestive tract, making it a good choice for pups with sensitive stomachs. It also has other health benefits. For example, it may help reduce the risk of heart disease and bacterial infection.

Another good carrier oil is hemp seed oil. This oil is really high in omega-3s. These anti-inflammatory fatty acids can help ease joint pain, improve skin health, and lower blood pressure. If your dog suffers from arthritis or itchy skin, you may look for a CBD oil formulated with hemp seed oil.

Pay attention to other ingredients, such as added flavorings. If the CBD oil is flavored, you want to see that those flavorings come from natural sources. And if the ingredients are organic, vegan, and non-GMO, that’s even better.


Some CBD oils for dogs are unflavored. Others are flavored to taste like foods dogs tend to enjoy, such as salmon or bacon. Most dogs are willing to eat natural, unflavored CBD oil as long as it’s mixed with the food they enjoy. However, if your dog is picky, you may want to look for flavored CBD oil. Flavored oils are also a good choice if you administer CBD oil via a syringe.

Company Policies

Finally, look beyond the CBD oil itself and consider the company that makes it. Do they offer a guarantee, especially for first-time customers? Will their shipping method get the CBD oil to you in a timely manner? Also, consider the company’s ethics and whether they align with yours. For instance, if you are vegan, you may consider the best CBD oil for dogs from a vegan company.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

Some dog owners give their pets CBD oil to manage one specific ailment. Others give their dogs CBD oil to manage many symptoms at once or improve their overall health. Here are the key benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Relief From Stress and Stress Behaviors

Dogs can become stressed when their routine changes or when they are put in unfamiliar situations. Many dogs, for example, become anxious when their owners move them to a new home, introduce a new pet, or take them to the vet.

When they feel stressed, your dog may display unwanted behaviors such as excessive licking, pacing, or growling. Some dogs act out by chewing on their owners’ shoes or furniture.

CBD oil for dogs can be really helpful in those situations. It is thought to increase serotonin levels, a hormone that helps your dog feel relaxed and content. By relieving your dog’s anxiety, it can also put an end to their annoying or dangerous stress behaviors.

Safe Pain Relief

CBD oil has been found to be effective in managing various types of pain in dogs. By binding to specific receptors in the brain known as CB1 and CB2 receptors, it helps alleviate pain caused by nerve damage, arthritis and even chronic pain from previous injuries. It tends to have fewer side effects than typical NSAID pain relievers, which can be hard on the digestive tract.

Joint Health

CBD oil for dogs does more for the joints than simply mask pain — it’s also anti-inflammatory. In other words, it helps ease swelling in your dog’s joints, which helps keep your dog looser and more mobile. Dog owners report that after giving their arthritis dogs CBD oil, they are better able to run, jump and play like they used to.

Allergy Treatment

Dogs, not unlike humans, can have allergies to certain substances in their environment. Some dogs are even allergic to grass; others are allergic to fleas or dust mites. These allergies can cause symptoms like itchy red skin, sneezing and excessive scratching. Most of these symptoms are associated with inflammation.

CBD oil can help reduce inflammation and its use can assist in managing allergy symptoms in dogs. Some pet owners administer CBD oil to their dogs all year round to manage indoor allergies, while others only give it during the peak pollen season to manage outdoor allergies.

Epilepsy Treatment

Does your dog suffer from seizures due to epilepsy or a similar ailment? If so, you may want to consider giving them CBD oil. Preliminary in vitro studies show that CBD can have an anticonvulsant effect. Anecdotally, many dog owners find that their dogs’ seizures become less severe and less frequent when they start administering CBD oil.

You should consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s current prescription seizure medication. Your vet can advise you on how to safely integrate CBD oil into your dog’s treatment plan, as it may or may not be safe to use in conjunction with other medications.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog?

The larger your dog, the more CBD oil they will need. The American Kennel Club recommends starting with a dose of 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams of CBD per kilogram of body weight, given two times daily.

For instance, if your dog weighs 10 kg, which is equivalent to 22 pounds, you would give them between 1 and 2 mg CBD twice a day. If your dog weighs 20 kg or 44 pounds, the dose would be anywhere from 2 to 4 mg CBD, given twice daily.

Start with the lowest recommended dose for your dog’s body weight. If you don’t see the desired effects within a few days, slowly increase the dose until you do observe the benefits you’re seeking.

Check the label on your dog’s CBD oil to see what volume you need to give them to deliver the desired dose. For instance, if your CBD oil contains 2 mg CBD per mL and your dog’s dose is 1 mg, you’ll need to give them ½ mL of oil per dose.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Kick In?

CBD oil usually starts working about a half hour to an hour after your dog eats it. Remember this if you’re giving your dog CBD before a trip to the vet or another specific event. You’ll want to administer it at least an hour prior to the event, so it has time to take effect.

When administering CBD oil to your dog for chronic conditions such as arthritis pain or anxiety, it’s important to keep in mind that the effects may become more pronounced over time. This means that by consistently giving your dog CBD oil for a month, you may observe a gradual improvement in their symptoms.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs

The risk of side effects is quite low if you choose one of the best CBD oil for dogs — one that is lab-tested and made with high-quality ingredients. However, there is still a non-zero risk of mild side effects, including the following.


According to a study conducted by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, sedation was the most common side effect reported by dog owners. Sedation and sleepiness are not necessarily bad things, especially if you give your dog CBD oil to manage stress. But if your dog seems too tired, you may want to give them a smaller dose of CBD oil the next time.

Changes in Appetite

Some dogs become overly hungry after eating CBD oil. Others lose their appetite. If your dog seems to be eating too much, cut back their food ration a little, or simply give them fewer treats. You could try using small training treats instead of larger ones.

If your dog seems not to be eating enough while on CBD, try reducing their dose. You could also administer CBD after they’ve already eaten a meal.

Dry Mouth

An increase in water consumption by your dog could be a sign that the CBD oil is causing dryness in their mouth. To mitigate this, ensure that they have access to water and take them out for frequent potty breaks. It’s worth noting that this side effect may be less prevalent when using CBD isolate compared to full-spectrum CBD oil.


Occasionally, a dog will experience nausea after being given CBD oil. If your dog seems nauseous, switch to a CBD oil that uses MCT oil as a base oil. MCT oil is gentler on the stomach. Also, make sure you’re giving CBD oil with a meal or snack, which tends to limit digestive upset.


What if your dog won’t eat their CBD oil?

Many dogs are not interested in eating CBD oil straight from a dropper. They will, however, often eat CBD oil when it is mixed with their food. If your dog is reluctant to eat the CBD oil in their food, here are a few things you can try:

  • Mix the CBD oil with a larger volume of food to further dilute the flavor
  • Combine the CBD oil with your dog’s favorite “human” food, such as some chicken or egg
  • Switch to pet CBD oils flavored like bacon, salmon, or chicken

What if you give your dog too much CBD oil?

If you accidentally give your dog a few more milligrams of CBD than intended, there’s no reason to worry. Your dog may be a little extra tired or fatigued, but these effects will wear off in a few hours.

The side effects may be more pronounced if your dog gets way more than intended. Your dog may experience vomiting or diarrhea. If the CBD product contains traces of THC, your dog may experience more serious side effects, such as a stumbling gait or a reduced heart rate.

Contact your vet if your dog has ingested more than the recommended dose of a CBD product containing THC. But rest assured that most dogs recover just fine after an “overdose”, especially with vet care. CBD oil for dogs also tends to be very low in THC, so your dog would have to eat a lot to experience serious side effects.

What is the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum cbd oils for dogs?

The main difference between these CBD oils for dogs is that broad-spectrum oil has had the THC removed, while full-spectrum oil contains all the compounds found in the hemp plant, including THC.

Some of the benefits of using broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs include:

  • No THC: Because broad-spectrum CBD oils do not contain any THC, it is less likely to cause any psychoactive effects or drug interactions. This is particularly important for dogs, as they may be more sensitive to the effects of THC.
  • Compliance with legal regulations: broad-spectrum CBD oils are legal in most places, as it does not contain the psychoactive compound THC.
  • Reduced risk of drug interactions: As broad-spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC, it is less likely to interact with any other medications that your dog may be taking.
  • It is important to keep in mind that while full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, the amount is usually very minimal and not enough to cause any psychoactive effects in dogs. It is still considered safe for them. However, if you are concerned about any potential interactions or are unsure about the best CBD oil for dogs, it is always best to consult a veterinarian.

Can CBD treat cancer in dogs?

Some studies have suggested that CBD may be helpful for the treatment of certain cancers. It may stimulate the immune system to fight off cancer cells more effectively. It may also directly kill cancer cells by preventing them from producing energy. Still, more research is needed to confirm and better understand these effects.

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, talk to your vet about incorporating CBD into their treatment routine. Do not use CBD oil to replace any other cancer care your vet has prescribed.


CBD oil is nothing short of a game-changer for dogs, just as it is for humans! Pet owners have reported that their furry companions seem to radiate improved well-being — they appear less anxious, more energetic, and all-around happier when given CBD oil.

When it comes to finding the best CBD oil for dogs, look for products made with premium, carefully sourced ingredients and pure, high-quality hemp extract. We highly recommend starting with one of the five top-rated CBD products listed above. Simply mix it in with your dog’s food and watch as they experience a newfound ease and aliveness. Your pup deserves the best, and CBD oil can deliver just that!

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