Columbia Journalism Review excoriates mainstream media for trumped-up coverage of Trump-Russia ties

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The Skinny: The media watchdog Columbia Journalism Review, after investigating mainstream “Russiagate” coverage, including the 2018 New York Times and Washington Post material that won a Pulitzer, found that the press omitted facts that contradicted their narrative.

Bombshells from the CJR report include:

— The January 2018 omission by the New York Times of a publicly available document, wherein the lead FBI investigator didn’t think there was much there on Trump-Russia ties after 10 months of digging.

— Another NYT piece offering a disclaimer that there was no evidence for Russian collusion, before quoting anonymous officials ‘alarmed’ over supposed Trump-Russia ties in the very next paragraph.

— Details on how the alliance between the Fusion GPS opposition research team and the Hillary Clinton campaign fueled the mainstream media “Russiagate” narrative. 

Learn more about the mainstream media’s fallacious information bubble on “Russiagate” HERE.

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