Federal agency takes step toward gas stove regulations

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The federal regulatory agency that spurred backlash by suggesting a ban on new gas stoves is taking action that could lead to future regulations against the home appliances.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved a Request for Information about health hazards posed by gas stove emissions and potential solutions that were made by Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr., a Biden appointee who first proposed banning the appliance before the agency walked back his comments.

The procedural step, which seeks feedback from scientists, consumers and the public, is part of the process that can lead to new regulations.

“The trust between CPSC and the American consumer exists because actions like the one we take today make clear that we only act in service to consumer safety,” Mr. Trumka said in a statement. “This Request for Information furthers our commitment to American consumers because step one in confronting a potential hazard is understanding its scope and the options for addressing it.”

Republicans and even some Democrats on Capitol Hill have warned they would intervene should the commission or the Department of Energy impose regulations against gas stoves in the name of health or climate change.  

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