Florida woman tries to bring loaded handgun through Dulles security

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A forgetful Florida flier attempted to go through security at Washington Dulles International Airport, having forgotten she had a loaded handgun in her carry-on bag, the Transportation Security Administration said.

An X-ray officer inspected the unnamed woman’s carry-on bag, uncovering the offending 9mm handgun. At the time, the weapon was loaded with eight bullets, including one in the chamber.

She was then written a citation by Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police.

Her excuse to officers?

“She told officials that she forgot that she was carrying her loaded gun,” the TSA noted in their announcement.

Friday’s incident was far from the only time in 2022 that passengers, forgetful or otherwise, attempted to bring firearms aboard planes.

As of Sunday, 22 passengers had attempted to cross a Dulles security checkpoint with a firearm, the highest number of incidents in the past six years.

“Our TSA officers continue to remain on top of preventing loaded firearms from entering the secure area of the airport. Forgetting that you are carrying a loaded firearm is a public safety concern, as it could accidentally be discharged. Responsible gun owners need to know where their firearm is at all times,” Scott T. Johnson, the TSA Federal Security Director for Dulles, reiterated in the TSA announcement.

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