From Cannibalism to the NBA: José Andrés’s Surprising TV Résumé

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The chef’s new reality show is hardly the first time he’s been onscreen.

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Photograph of Andrés by Geoff Livingston/flickr.

José Andrés and Family in Spain is a new Discovery+ show about . . . well, you can probably guess. This is hardly the local chef’s first onscreen effort, however. Here’s a quick look at just part of Andrés’s surprisingly hefty entertainment résumé.


The NBC series about a cannibal serial killer tapped Andrés as a culinary consultant. He embraced the flesh-roasting role: The cooking scenes became famous for being disturbingly appetizing.

Green Eggs and Ham

The second season of this Netflix animated series features famous voices such as Keegan-Michael Key and Michael Douglas. Andrés shows up as a spy named Sylvester.

El Camino Más Largo

Andrés wasn’t the star of this 2016 music doc—that would be Spanish musician Enrique Bunbury, whose US tour is captured here. The chef’s delicious cameo comes when the tour pulls into DC and Bunbury dines at Jaleo.

2020 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Andrés joined the likes of Bad Bunny and Hannibal Buress for this contest, wearing number 51 to support DC statehood. His team won by a whopping 15 points.

Photograph of show posters courtesy of IMDB.

This article appears in the January 2023 issue of Washingtonian.

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