Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls will host tourists again, starting in February

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The Havasupai Indian Reservation will reopen its territory and the Havasu Falls adjacent to the Grand Canyon that it owns and operates on Feb. 1, after being closed since March 2020. 

The suspension had been extended after flooding in the area in October.

“While you may see downed trees on the trails where the flood crashed through, you will also see flourishing flora and fauna and new waterfall flows. This is truly a great time to visit and please know that we are eager to welcome tourists back to our beautiful reservation,” a notice on the Havasupai Lodge website reads.

New reservations to visit and camp at the falls, however, are only available if current reservation holders transfer out. The beginning of the 2023 tourism season at the falls will make up for reservations impacted by the COVID-19 suspension.

“As a reminder, there are no NEW reservations/permits for 2023. Only those reservation holders that were impacted by the COVID tourism suspension have a confirmed reservation. The only way to get a reservation for 2023 is to purchase off the official transfer list,” Havasupai Tribe Tourism posted on Facebook.

People who had reservations between June 1, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022 had their places moved forward to the same dates in 2023. People looking to reserve for beyond 2023, however, will have to wait, as openings for 2024 will not be available for purchase until February 2024.

For more information, visit The Washington Times COVID-19 resource page.

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