House Dem knocks Biden for not being more ‘forthcoming’ on Chinese spy balloons

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Rep. Jim Himes, Connecticut Democrat, said Sunday that he wants the Biden administration to be more transparent and expedient in revealing details about suspected Chinese spy balloons shot down by the U.S.

Two flying objects were shot down in recent days over Alaska and Canada, which follows a spy balloon deployed by China being downed off the coast of South Carolina.

“I have real concerns about why the administration is not being more forthcoming with everything that it knows,” Mr. Himes said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “But part of the problem here is that both the second and the third objects were shot down in very remote areas. So, my guess is that there’s just not a lot of information out there yet to share.”

Mr. Himes, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that after being briefed by Pentagon officials after the first balloon, he was satisfied with their decision to wait several days before shooting it down, but that not addressing the public sooner can lead to dangerous assumptions.

“In an absence of information, people will fill that gap with anxiety and other stuff,” he said. “I wish the administration was a little quicker to tell us everything that they do know.”

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