Jackson Mahomes, brother of Chiefs quarterback, accused of assault at Kansas restaurant

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Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is being investigated for two separate reports of assault at a Kansas restaurant last weekend.

Mr. Mahomes is accused of forcibly kissing the 40-year-old female owner of Aspens Restaurant and Lounge on Feb. 25, according to the Kansas City Star. He also allegedly shoved a 19-year-old waiter at the establishment more than once that same night. 

Local police confirmed to the Star that there is an open investigation into the incidents. 

“He forcibly kissed me out of nowhere,” owner Aspen Vaughn told the newspaper, “and I’m telling him, pushing him off saying ‘What are you doing?’ and then he proceeded to do it two more times where the last time I was pushing him off and I can see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door and I was yelling for them to come help because he’s big and massive.”

Mr. Mahomes, who is 6-foot-6, allegedly grabbed Ms. Vaughn by the neck with enough force that it left a faint bruise, according to a photo provided to the Star.

SA WARNING: here is the video of Jackson Mahomes forcibly grabbing this woman around the throat and kissing her repeatedly. He is an entitled, ignorant, careless person who feeds off Patrick’s success. pic.twitter.com/94bIcG7sKw

— Koll_0ne (@Koll_0ne) March 4, 2023

Mr. Mahomes, 22, is known for his brash personality and occasional bad behavior at NFL games. 

That includes a 2021 incident in which he poured water on a Baltimore Ravens fan following a Chiefs loss to the Ravens, according to the New York Post. That same season, he made a TikTok video while standing on a patch of sideline at FedEx Field that was dedicated to late Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor. 

Ms. Vaughn and the waiter, who withheld his name due to privacy reasons, recounted the events of the evening to the newspaper.

It started when Mr. Mahomes and his entourage went to the restaurant’s employee area in the basement and physically pushed out the waiter who tried to come in to grab their water bottle.

Later on, the owner said Mr. Mahomes asked to speak to her privately about the shoving incident with the waiter. He then allegedly made his aggressive advance that is being investigated.

“Jackson has done nothing wrong,” Brandan Davies, an attorney for Mr. Mahomes, told the newspaper. “Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses. We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.”

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