Metro Launches a Spotify Wrapped–Like Feature

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Input your SmarTrip card number to see a summary of your year in transit.

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How many Metro stations did you visit last year? How many trips did you make on rail, how many did you make on buses, and how many miles did you travel in total? How much carbon did you save? Previously, your answer may have been, “Why are you asking me about this, Washingtonian magazine?” But as of Wednesday, you can find out in a new feature WMATA calls “Your 2023 Metro Report.” All you have to do is input the number on the back of your SmarTrip card on this web page, and voila:

Editorial fellow Arya Hodjat’s summary.

In a press release, Metro says GM Randy Clarke, who makes a point of using the service as much as he can, would like to see people compare their stats on social media. Clark, the transit agency notes, “ranks in the top 1% of Metro riders with more than 600 trips in 2023.”

Metro isn’t the only local entity to offer a Spotify Wrapped–like experience: The Washington Post launched a feature called “Newsprint” late last year, and Washingtonian offered a list of its most-read features.

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