Miniature fruit jelly cups recalled due to choking hazard

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A California wholesaler announced the recall Friday of clear jars of miniature Sun Wave brand fruit jelly cups imported from Taiwan. The products were sold at retail locations nationwide.

The recalled products are 1000 gram and 1500 gram clear jars containing assorted lychee, and mango-flavored jelly cups. The Sun Wave brand jelly straws sold by Richin Trading were not affected in the recall.

The recall was implemented after wholesaler Richin Trading Inc. spoke with Food and Drug Administration officials who pointed out that the jelly inside the cups is so small that it has choked children to death before, including the 1999 death of Michelle Enrile, 12.

As of yet, no choking incidents have been reported in connection to the Sun Wave cups. Ingredients labels for the Sun Wave jars show a warning that the product is not recommended for children under five.

An ingredient used in banned jelly cups, konjac powder, does not appear to be used in Sun Wave products. 

Konjac-containing jellies are firmer than other such products and are harder to dissolve in one’s mouth, and it was one such jelly that caused the death of Enrile in 1999.

Konjac-containing products are currently subject to an FDA import ban.

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