ParaFlight Aviation’s New Mission: Elevating Corporate Travel to New Heights

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ParaFlight Aviation, an esteemed air charter broker specializing in timely medical transports, is embarking on a new journey to provide premium corporate flight services. With a customer-centric approach that has garnered praise in the industry, the company is set to leverage its success as an Inc 5000 List Honoree, ranked number 95. Led by Chief Executive Officer Sim Shain, a paramedic with nearly three decades of experience, ParaFlight has carved a niche in the medical transport sector and is now venturing into corporate travel.

Founding Principles and Reputation

Sim Shain founded ParaFlight in 2014 with a strong commitment to saving lives and serving those in need with utmost care and respect. Supported by a team of dedicated professionals, the company has excelled in providing high-quality air ambulance, organ transplant, and medical escort services. The team’s worldwide assistance has received accolades for its reliability and proficiency, whether facilitating relocations for elderly individuals or arranging time-sensitive organ flights. ParaFlight takes pride in its ability to assist clients in diverse locations at any time, ensuring their best interests are always the top priority.

Expanding into Corporate Travel

Responding to the evolving needs of the market, ParaFlight is now extending its services to cater to corporate travelers. By focusing on the unique requirements of business trips, the company aims to offer unparalleled transportation solutions. Clients can expect a seamless travel experience, with comfortable flights featuring fresh catered food and convenient plane-side transportation upon landing. A key advantage of flying privately with ParaFlight is the vast network of airports accessible nationwide. Leveraging their expertise in executing quick flights within the medical field, ParaFlight aims to bring efficiency and reliability to corporate transportation services. CEO Sim Shain emphasizes the value of time and how capitalizing on it can drive business success.

Flexibility and Urgent Situations

ParaFlight’s corporate travel services provide clients with the freedom to schedule travel plans around their business commitments, eliminating the need for disruptive rearrangements. In cases of urgent situations like funerals, medical emergencies, or unforeseen business needs, Shain’s dedicated team can be reached promptly and dispatched without delay. To further enhance their corporate transportation offerings, ParaFlight is launching an innovative app called Drawing inspiration from their successful app for organ transports, will expand the company’s network of operators and aircraft options, ensuring greater flexibility to meet the specific needs of travelers. The app is scheduled for release in early July.

Commitment to Service and Innovation

ParaFlight has built a thriving business in medical transport by prioritizing flexibility and customer needs, remaining available around the clock and across various locations. By applying these principles to their expansion into the corporate travel sector, and by continuing to innovate to better serve their customers, ParaFlight is poised to excel in corporate transportation as well. The company’s unwavering commitment to service and a customer-centric approach will be the driving forces behind its success in this new endeavor.

With its expansion into corporate travel, ParaFlight Aviation aims to revolutionize the transportation services sector by providing exceptional travel experiences for business travelers. Through its commitment to service, innovation, and leveraging its existing expertise, ParaFlight is well-positioned to establish a strong presence in the corporate travel industry while maintaining its reputation for excellence in medical transports.

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