‘Parental discretion is advised’: MTG introduces photos of Hunter Biden sex acts at hearing

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held up photos of Hunter Biden engaged in sex acts with an alleged prostitute at a congressional hearing Wednesday and said it was evidence that he had violated a federal law prohibiting transporting someone across state lines for sex.

Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, issued a warning that “parental discretion is advised” before holding up multiple photos showing sex acts.

She then tied those acts to women Mr. Biden had written off on his taxes as business expenses, including one he labeled his “West Coast assistant” to his law firm.

“This is not really what most paralegals do for law firms,” she said, holding up a montage with one photo of a nearly naked woman and another that, while redacted, appeared to be her performing oral sex.

Her comments came as she questioned two IRS special agents who led an investigation into Mr. Biden’s tax crimes. They have alleged that Mr. Biden wrote off a $10,000 sex club membership as a golf membership and that he wrote off airplane flights and hotel rooms for prostitutes as business expenses.

Ms. Greene said that, in flying one woman from Los Angeles to Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia for the purpose of sex, Mr. Biden ran afoul of the Mann Act, a century-old law that criminalizes transporting someone across state lines for sexual purposes that are illegal in that location.

Ms. Greene displayed an image of an airline reservation for a flight to Dulles on June 14, 2018, and a flight back to Los Angeles the next day, together with photos of the sex acts, as proof of the violation.

One of the IRS agents said they were compiling potential Mann Act violations along with the Justice Department. He said he could make those records available to Congress for its review.

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