Speaker Kevin McCarthy hauls in $12M for GOP at D.C. fundraiser

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy raised a record $12 million for Republicans in a large D.C. fundraiser Wednesday as he seeks to preserve and expand the GOP majority.

The event was hosted by Jeff Miller, a McCarthy ally and veteran lobbyist, at the Conrad Hotel and brought in House GOP leaders and committee chairs, according to Fox News Digital, which reported the fundraising haul.

“No one has ever argued that I don’t work hard, and I’ll continue to work hard to get the message out,” Mr. McCarthy, a prolific fundraiser, told the outlet before the event. “I want to grow the number of Republicans in the House to make sure that policy becomes law.”

For now, Mr. McCarthy is managing a narrow majority after a “red wave” failed to materialize in the November elections.

It’s been tense at times, featuring a lengthy speaker’s vote that required Mr. McCarthy to make concessions to his right flank.

Members of the GOP caucus booed and called out during President Biden’s State of the Union address despite Mr. McCarthy’s caution to remain on good behavior, and Rep. George Santos of New York is mired in probes of his campaign funds after revelations he falsified his resume.

The GOP majority is forging ahead with an aggressive agenda, however.

It is trying to unwind remaining COVID-19 rules, targeting “Big Tech” practices and the potential “weaponization” of the federal government and trying to wrangle the drug-overdose crisis.

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