Top 5 Executive Search Firms Specialized in EdTech In 2022

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Specialization is king in the field of Edtech. K-12, Higher Ed institutions, and corporations of all sizes are hungry for the offerings of the tech-enabled learning and development sector. With the increased demand, more and more companies are vying for talent. 

As with most high-growth industries, companies that can land talent with in-depth expertise, track record and key relationships in the sector will undoubtedly have a competitive edge. These high-impact players are seldom actively looking for jobs or responding to career sites, so the route that most successful Edtech companies take, particularly when sourcing leaders, is to engage with reputable executive search firms. 

Fortunately, some of the world’s best search firms specialize in recruiting for Edtech. You won’t have to search long for the one that’ll unlock the talent you need – we’ve listed the top five below.


1. Jack Hammer Global

Living up to its name, Jack Hammer Global is a barrier-breaking company that has truly revolutionized the realm of talent acquisition, especially in the Edtech industry. The female-founded and led team has dedicated itself to digging beneath the surface and shaking things up in a way you wouldn’t expect from a typical executive search firm. 

Innovations in technology have transformed the education, learning and development sector and disrupted all traditional channels for learning. As a result, this niche industry requires knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will continue to champion change in an impactful way.

The Edtech executive recruiting experts at Jack Hammer Global are dedicated to finding the right fit for your organization so that you can take your businesses to the next level. They work with leaders who strike the perfect balance between performing to win and building connections; extraordinary rigor and effortless flexibility; challenging the status quo and keeping it real.

Founded by Debbie Goodman in 2001, Jack Hammer Global builds countless diverse leadership teams around the world whilst making a positive impact in the communities it serves. The firm has established itself as Africa’s largest executive search firm, and has quickly climbed to the top of the chain in the Edtech sector in the USA.

“Debbie has changed the game for us in terms of a recruiting partner. I haven’t really seen anything close to Jack Hammer’s ability to dial-in actual business needs and deliver talent. More importantly, Debbie is an awesome person/founder/leader whose trust and advice is in rare company.”

Michael Hemlepp, CEO: Honorlock

To partner with this groundbreaking executive search firm, please visit Jack Hammer Global.


2. True Platform

Named as one of the best places to work by Inc. Magazine in 2022, True Platform is a talent management enterprise that has effortlessly evolved the talent management industry. Since its inception in 2012, the company has created tools and services that increase both transparency and efficiency within the global talent market, becoming one of the fastest-growing search firms in North America.

It’s no doubt that True Platform adds exceptional value to the global talent pool, its clients, and anyone who provides talent-related services. The firm has seamlessly connected progressive individuals with companies driving to stay ahead, while also designing cutting-edge, solution-oriented, and secure technology that makes finding talent an easy and stress-free process.

The company has helped countless teams and leaders reach their full potential through its proprietary executive assessments. Its assessments are exceptional, providing a window into an executive’s existing and potential leadership ability to help them perform at their best or determine if they’re a good fit for a company.

Founded in the USA, the company has offices around the world, including in Western Europe, The UK, Brazil, and others. 

True Platform has worked with affluent brands like Buzzfeed, Spotify, Etsy and so many more, establishing itself as a trustworthy and reliable company in the talent management sector. 

To become the latest firm to work alongside them, please visit True Platform


3. BrightSearch

BrightSearch provides clients with the best talent in the EdTech industry. They are modernized recruiting professionals and provide hyper-personalized, responsive, and actionable recruiting, paving the way for a new generation. BrightSearch has leading VC partnerships, including leading Growth Equity and Venture Capital firms in the EdTech space, and is amongst the best modernized executive search firms with their partners being a testament to their success. 

With the onset of the pandemic, educational technology became at the forefront of many education systems. BrightSearch saw the gap and developed a recruiting firm to place high-quality and skilled candidates in Education Technology roles. E-learning is a dominant force in the education system and can be applied both inside and outside the classroom. 

BrightSearch specializes in practice areas from PreK-12, as well as higher education in corporate learning, and has the proper resources to satisfy any EdTech requirement. 

This firm reduces the risk of making the wrong hire as they guarantee that all candidates are hired through them, not outside sources. They are committed to finding the right hire for their clients and make this a guarantee. 

BrightSearch’s network is continuing to flourish with innovation to provide clients with qualified and reliable candidates. Learn more about BrightSearch


4. The Hudson Group 

For nearly 30 years, The Hudson Group has been in the business of Higher Education and Executive Search recruiting. They are an executive search firm with an innovative approach that helps clients retain the best candidates for their institution. Their global reach, seasoned experience, and ability to source qualified prospective matches for any position are what make them industry leaders. They only provide their clients with the best-suited candidates recruited from around the globe and can accommodate any unique position requirements. 

The Hudson Group specializes in select industries to find ideal recruits for their clients that will succeed and improve their institutions. Their specializations include Higher Education, Pre K-12, EdTech, Private Equity, and more. 

Since 2017, they have had a success rate of over 85% for successfully filled positions. They are dedicated to providing their clients with qualified recruits rather than a large number of ill-matched recruits to ensure long-lasting and thriving relationships. 

The Hudson Group has advised and recruited hundreds of repeat clients by adapting and evolving with continual education and technology changes. With over 240 satisfied clients, it’s no wonder that they are renowned in their field of expertise. 

To join the list of satisfied clients, please visit The Hudson Group


5. Exceptional People International 

Exceptional People International is a leading recruitment agency that brings a thriving 26-year history of executive search to the forefront. With its unbeatable reputation, its formula for success is proven and effective.

The top executive search firm specializes in technology-based systems and acts as a personal trainer and middle-man for multiple seekers. Their passion and purpose is to locate a diverse range of hard-to-find, long-term talent in technology, renewable energy, tech-related positions, and education technology. 

The niche search firm also prides itself on ensuring they locate and retain strategic contributors in sales, marketing, business development, and finance. 

They offer concierge, tailored search services at competitive fees, reducing turnover for your increased ROI and minimizing your organization’s disruption. By collaborating with their successful search counterparts who have built local networks over six continents, their talented networks were forged by decades of reciprocating help and guidance. 

Nothing is stopping these exceptional individuals from helping extraordinary people soar.

Founder Stacy Holland launched Exceptional People International in 1994, following a decade of senior sales and marketing leadership at Bristol-Myers Squibb & Burlington Industries. Since then, her team has become proud members of Kestria, the world’s largest search alliance that supports technology and Educational Technology clients worldwide.

To learn more about Exceptional People International, visit


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