Tucker Carlson scores job offer after Fox News exit: ‘There will always be a home here for you’

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As long as the Heritage Foundation is around, Tucker Carlson need not worry about unemployment benefits.

The same day the popular primetime host parted ways with Fox News, the conservative think tank’s president offered him a job.

Kevin Roberts told the Daily Signal, Heritage’s news site, that he was “stunned to hear the news today.”

But he said he was “confident Tucker will find a new platform to challenge the Washington regime, ask tough questions, and hold the ruling elite accountable.”

“To the man himself, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there will always be a home here for you, Tucker,” Mr. Roberts said.

The Heritage president noted the coincidence that the last episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” aired Friday evening as Mr. Carlson spoke at a Heritage celebration.

“We at Heritage were honored to have Tucker Carlson speak for our 50th anniversary gala as his last show ran on Fox News,” Mr. Roberts said.

That Friday night event included an eerily prescient exchange about future employment, the Daily Signal noted.

“If things go south at Fox News, there’s always a job for you at Heritage,” Mr. Roberts said.

“Well, you’ve saved me before,” Mr. Carlson replied with a laugh.

Neither man knew what would happen the next weekday. Indeed, Mr. Carlson’s pre-recorded Friday evening show ended with a cheerful farewell and the host saying, “we’ll be back on Monday.”

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