White House blasts GOP hearing on weaponization of FBI as ‘un-American’

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The White House on Thursday slammed a House panel investigating the alleged weaponization of the federal government against Republicans, comparing it with Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s campaign in the 1950s to uncover communists in agencies.

“Today, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is launching the Fox News reboot of the House Un-American Activities Committee with a political stunt that weaponizes Congress to carry out the priorities of extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said in a memo.

The House select subcommittee is holding its first hearing Thursday on “politicization of the FBI and DOJ and attacks on American civil liberties.” The hearing marks a new challenge to President Biden and his administration.

The White House memo cited comments from historian Julian Zelizer, who compared the current panel to the late Wisconsin Republican’s hunt for communists. Mr. Biden’s team took aim especially at Mr. Jordan, Ohio Republican, and Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican.

“Led by Jordan and Congressman Matt Gaetz, this committee plans to weaponize the MAGA agenda against their perceived political enemies, going after civil servants, private citizens and the rule of law — all in service of getting booked on Fox News,” Mr. Sams said. “These extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress are choosing to make it their top priority to go down the rabbit hole of debunked conspiracy theories about a ‘deep state’ instead of taking a deep breath and deciding to work with the president and Democrats in Congress to improve Americans’ everyday lives.”

Among the witnesses Thursday are former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has quit the Democratic Party, as well as Republican Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Charles E. Grassley of Iowa.

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